Finding bargains at the Temple Street Market in Hong Kong

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Last week we had an excellent day trip to Hong Kong to get our mainland China visas stamped. While we were there we went to two locations: Chungking Mansions (Which is described in my last blog post) and also the Temple Street Market. Today I want to talk about the market. It was my first time visiting it and I was more than blown away!

Walking through the Temple Street Market

Getting to the market is very simple. From Jordan Station, take Exit A and turn right onto Jordan Road. Walk down and take another right onto Temple Street. Once you find the market, the entrance is marked by big temple-like gate, and the other side also has an identical gate that signals the end of the market.

The gate marking the entrance to the market

It takes about 7 minutes to walk through the market at a brisk pace, but you will be surprised how fast time flies when you start seeing the deals you can get. It may take only 7 minutes to walk through, but by the time you get to the end I bet at least an hour will have gone by! More than likely, you will also have found at least one deal on fashion merchandise that you can smile about!

Purses were one of the very popular offerings at the market. I imagine most of them were knockoffs, but good ones at that!

After I finished walking through the market I hopped on the metro back to Lo Wu station to cross the border into Shenzhen to return home. However, I didn’t come home empty handed! Here’s what I managed to wheel and deal out of the market:


I bought three high quality (100% cotton) t-shirts with brand name logos on them for an excellent price. The vendor lady asked for $204HK (USD $26) for the trio but I got her down to $140HK, (~USD $16) which is about a 30% savings, around $10 usd. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, and I hope to return soon! Check out the walk through I did at Temple Street on my YouTube channel!:


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