Exploring Huaqiangbei, one of the world’s largest electronics markets

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Ah, the joys of living in a Tier 1 Chinese city. So many exciting things to see and do. This week I paid a visit to one of the highlights of this glorious city: Huaqiangbei (华强北)  is the largest electronics market in China, and one of the biggest on this very earth. Huaqiangbei is home to electronics of every category including computers, smartphones, helicopter drones, RC anything, cameras, you name it! I thought it might be fun to show the world just what this exciting market is like.


Huaqiangbei has a number of different buildings that have their own markets – some corporate name brands with very recognizable names such as Asus, Dell, Samsung, etc. Other buildings will have few brand names and be full of hundreds of independent resellers pushing products of questionable quality.

Some of the more recognizable corporate names at Huaqiangbei

There are also plenty of popular Western and Chinese restaurants here. Burger King is here and in fashion. There are a number of pizza places and food courts serving plenty of different cuisines so you’ll find no shortage of delectable eats here also. However, people don’t come here for food. They come here for electronics. And RC products. Lots of RC products.

A cute little drone quadcopter following me around. Were his intentions sinister?

Now the main and biggest market at Huaqiangbei is located inside the SEG building. This iconic building is insanely tall and has a history of both shady and good deals. Here are a couple pictures from inside the SEG building below. I wanted to give a better tour of this building in the YouTube video (Located below) but security actually gave me problems with filming, so I had to keep it on the down low.

Overall I had an enjoyable little walk around tour of Huaqiangbei – in the past I have bought many things from here including my current camera (My Canon G7x). Some important tips to remember here:

  • Question the great deal you’re about to get. There are a lot of fakes so it is important to make sure whatever you are buying is genuine. If you see an iPhone for 400 RMB, it is fake.
  • Don’t forget to bargain – never pay the first price that is asked. You can’t do this at corporate stores, but all independent resellers will try to give you the highest price first. Offering half of what they are asking is usually a pretty good strategy.
  • Pay especially close attention to independent resellers. Corporate stores are often 100% legitimate, but even corporate stores can be fake! Yes, there have been fake Apple stores, no joke. Copyright infringement is absolutely rampant in China. I knew someone that bought a Xiaomi Hongmi note from an actual Xiaomi store from Huaqiangbei and it was a fake repackaged old Samsung, so be careful!

Check out my video tour of Huaqiangbei below on my YouTube channel!


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